Don’t embrace defeat, even defeated,
don’t feel yourself a slave even enslaved

Miguel de Unamuno

We would like to say that our company has many years of tradition and experience. Or maybe not; fact is that we prefer to say the truth, that our project was born some time ago as a vague idea, like one of many dreams, but step by step it took shape and finally in 2016 it became reality.

Our name defines us. Stüde & Blas wants to be a familiar company, based on illusion, persistence and effort. Supported by the experience we have gained over the years in the bureaucratic area and administrative formalities, we want to develop our professional activity, offering real estate services, property management and translations.


If you want to sell your property, we can advertise it in our web page and also in other real estate web pages. Actually, internet is an important global meeting point and universal showcase. Therefore, we strive to create and design an attractive advertisement, which shows the real value of your property. We also inform you about the sales procedure and collect all necessary information and documentation in order to be efficient, providing answers and information to any interested buyer, as also to be quick in reference to the formalisation of the purchase contract at the notary. If necessary, we execute any formality related to the sale of the property – before and after the signature.

If you want to buy a property, we can offer you the properties we have in our portofolio or, we can also make a personalized search for you through our partners, preselecting the properties in order to avoid losing time and offering you the possibility to focus on the dwellings you are interested in. We inform you about the purchase procedure and the most relevant aspects which have to be considered; and we help you to find the financing you need. In the same way, we can execute any formality related to the purchase of the property.

We offer the same service for the rental of a property, as also rental or traspaso of commercial premises.

As additional services, we offer property valuations, market researches, value verifications, request of occupancy certificates, processing energy performance certificates, processing of any document related to a property purchase and taxes payment.


Whether you are owner of a property and you want to rent it, or you have a second residence for your vacations, we can carry out anything related to your property. Rent collection, supplier invoices, reparations, maintenance, cleaning, we prepare the property for your arrival, incident management and others. We offer you our own service, as also from other professionals of our confidence, who will help us care for your property as though it was our own.


We can translate all kind of documents you need, accurate and preserving the original sense, into three languages (English, German, Spanish). Any text, however short it may be and regardless of its content, is important for us. We make sure to offer a high-quality translation, because it directly concerns in the image you transmit from your company or how a personal or business matter will be solved.


Viviana Stüde

Rich experience in the administrative area and translations. I take care of our foreign clients, the translation section and the managment with our providers. Perservering in my commitments, I like to correspond to those who trust in me.

Xisco Blas

Extensive experience in administrative and official formalities. I am responsable for the commercial and administrative area, as also any task aimed to move forward this project. Restless and persistent, as also loyal with the people who give me a chance.

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