We offer a global translation service, accurate and faithful, and guarantee high quality translations for our clients.

We can translate all kind of documents you need, accurate and preserving the original sense, into three languages (English, German, Spanish).

The aim of a translation is to express accurately the meaning of something in one language and reproduce it in a totally different language. Any small nuance can alter the real sense of a writing. The way a simple menu of a restaurant has been translated, reveals the diligence and attention in preparing any dish of this menu. A translation of documents of certain relevance, like contracts, technical reports, court decisions, projects, etc., which has to be created with diligence and thoroughly, may avoid future problems and transmits confidence and tranquillity.

In the following you will see some examples:

Textos Jurídicos Servicios de Traducción

Legal texts
• Laws
• Decrees
• Lawsuits
• Judgments
• Appeals
• Complaints

Textos administrativos servicios de traducción

Administrative texts
• Certificates
• Request forms
• Edicts
• Minutes
• Notarial documents
• Documents from the Property Register or the Mercantile registry

Textos técnicos servicios de traducción

Technical texts
• Reports of lawyers, engineers and architects, etc.
• Technical projects
• Valuations
• Legal expert reports

Textos publicitarios servicios de traducción

Advertising texts
• Web pages
• Corporate texts
• Leaflets
• Brochures
• Flyer
• Diptychs
• Signs

Contratos Servicios de Traducción

• Property Rental agreements
• Contracts for services or constructions
• Employment contracts
• Business contracts
• Contracts with supplier companies

Otros textos Servicios de Traducción

• News articles
• Technical article
• Convocation owners meetings
• Reports owners meetings

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